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We check all rental or leasing properties for missing, broken, or outdated links at least once a week; this includes both internal and external links. Links are checked and verified as functioning properly before launching and throughout rental/leasing terms.

What harm can come to my Web Property with broken links that are left unattended?

In a nutshell, links that are not working properly on a Web Property can cause your visitor to leave your property fast due to frustration created by broken links and never return. They can also cause a demotion in some search engines because the property is not working properly, making the user's experience an unpleasant one. The visitor can be sent off into virtual cyberspace instead of where the site property promised to send them. The demotion is usually caused by "defected links" because “spiders” may have an issue indexing and ranking your Web Property that can directly cause the demotion (read more regarding Googlebots or web crawlers).

Broken Links Detection/Repair
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