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Online Photo Gallery is an easy and feature-rich online photo gallery that is
database driven and provides a  solution to manage images online.

We Offer 4 Different Image Scripts With Our Custom Packages:

Online Photo Album
Online Slide Show
Roll over Image
Roll over text
This is what a Roll Over Text Looks Like
This is what a Roll Over Text Looks Like

This is what a Roll Over Text Looks Like

Online Gallery for Images
There are many image formats. Some of the most common are bmp, gif, jpg, tif, png, and many others. Computer programmers, web page designers, digital photographers, and others who use computer images may want to convert such images from one format to another.

Image file formats are standardized means of organizing and storing digital images. Image files are composed of digital data in one of these formats that can be rasterized for use on a computer display or printer. An image file format may store data in uncompressed, compressed, or vector formats. Once rasterized, an image becomes a grid of pixels, each of which has a number of bits to designate its color equal to the color depth of the device displaying it.

Listed below are the only extensions that we accept. If you need to covert your image extension, click here.

         JPEG   PING   TIF   GIF
Low Resolution Images
Sometimes abbreviated as lo-res., low resolution is the computer screen, image, or printed page that is not crisp, is grainy or pixilated. When referring to a low resolution screen or image on the computer, this commonly refers to a picture that has a small amount of pixels, causing the image to be jaggy.

Try to avoid using images with low-resolution for it would appear pixilated or blurred. If we detect that your resolution is too low, we will advise you of the issue at which time you will decide to either fix the resolution, replace the image with another one, or remove the image all together.  Once you sign off on your site property, we will not be responsible for low resolution images.  We can replace your photos with another one of your choice, but there is a charge of $10 to post on a website AFTER the pages have been approved by you. If you have photos that are in question, please contact us at (888) 600.2011.
How to Convert Pictures to JPEG or Other Picture File Extensions
STEP 1: Open the photo. Most computers will have one of two options: either Paint (PC) or Preview (Mac). Many other programs will work.
STEP 2: Select "File" in your top menu. This should bring up a drop down menu.
STEP 3:  Select "Save As" from the menu. This will bring a pop up screen where you are given the option to change the title of the photo among other options.
STEP 4:  Click on the drop down menu next to "Format." Within this menu, there should be around 12 options, including JPEG.
STEP 5:  Select the file format or "extension" that suits your needs.
STEP 6:  Change the name of the file or the location of the file if desired.
STEP 7: "Save." This should have converted your file and the .JPEG version should be available in the location you selected.

How to Send Images to Us for Web Property Inclusion
There are many photo-sharing programs available on the internet that allows you to send photos, but we prefer that you send them to us via email. Many of those programs become owners of your photos, and when using them, you give them the right to use your photos for advertisement and whatever else they wish to use them for.

Please note that If you decide to insert additional photos after the layout is completed, there will be a redesign hourly fee of $35.00.
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