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Virtual Web Property Brokers
Add an additional page to your Web Property Rental or Leasing site package. Our Web Properties are allowed 2-5 additional web pages as an addon amenity.

Prefer more than 5 pages? Think about converting to a custom website development instead of renting or leasing. Speak to a Virtual Web Broker today about making the transition from renter/leasee to Web Property Ownership.
What You Should Know About Ordering Pages

Pages are created and uploaded to your current Site Rental/Leasing platform. Each page is an additional $10 per month as an addon amenity. First payment is doubled because it includes 2 payments: First and last month's rental fee. This will appear in your shopping cart as a "startup fee", but this fee is applied to your package to cover a total of 1 month. Adding Additional pages will adjust your current payment plan to reflect the added pages.

PayPal is the default payment method for this package, but there are several options available. Contact us to invoice you if you do not want to use PayPal to process your payment.
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