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What is a Mobile Web Property?

Everyone is on the go, and if everyone is on the go, how is the World Wide Web growing bigger and bigger in the 21st century?  The answer is quite simple; it's called "Mobile Internet", a term that refers to accessing the Internet via a cell phone.  A Mobile Web Property is a separate version of your main Web Property (desktop website) and can be properly viewed on smartphone devices only.

When a smartphone user visits a Web Property, whether by typing in the URL or finding a site while web surfing, an “auto-detect” web browser feature will recognize the device being used and then send that visitor to the mobile version of the Web Property it is calling forth (if one is available). Site properties that do not have Mobile or Responsive Web capabilities may be harder to view because the best available version will presented.

When we create Mobile Web Properties, we have to create a condensed version of the main desktop Web Property. Providing an easier version of your Web Property often indicates to a visitor that the Web Property Owner cares about the experience of those who visit their URL or Domain Name.

When a Web Property's visitor views the site on their cellular mobile devices, the Web Rental Property will automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. This would eliminate the need for using a desktop in order to have a better experience on a Web Property.

Need a Mobile Web Property for your Rental or Lease site? You can have one created and added to your package for $5.00 per month.

Are you a Web Property Owner who would like to turn your current site property into a RWD? Visit our Responsive Web Design page for more details and ordering information.

Pros of Mobile Web Property Design:

  Content tailored for smaller devices providing an easier browsing experience.
Key information is condensed and made available to web surfers.

Cons of Mobile Web Property Design:

  Higher cost of maintenance.
More complicated SEO requirements
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